Relieve tense muscles, aching joints and general physical discomfort and tightness. Achieve inner calm, experience deep relaxation, and gently relieve stress and anxiety. With body awareness and mindfulness, you can support and embrace your unique body structure and safely access the healing benefits of practising yoga with a functional approach.

What you can practise with me

Regain freedom and mobility by moving into postures that serve you and in a manner that respects how your body needs to move, not how you think it should move.

The practice of body awareness as part of Functional Yoga is 'listening to', 'sensing', 'feeling' your body.

Through this more intuitive approach to practising yoga, form a deeper connection to your body and 'self'. This method has proven to be invaluable for me with my own physical and emotional journey.

"The best gift you can give your body is to 'listen' to what it's telling you." -- Claire

Embrace body awareness

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