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Welcome to Claria Yoga, my holistic therapeutic yoga practice, which aims to help you regain a balanced body and mind. I offer a Functional Yoga approach, which is fluid, supportive and nurturing, accommodating all body types, and respecting each person’s body structure and journey. Practise Restorative Yoga, Slow Flow and Yin Yoga with me, and unlock your ability to move, change and heal. Relieve tense muscles, aching joints and general physical discomfort and tightness. Achieve inner calm, experience deep relaxation, and gently relieve stress and anxiety. I encourage body awareness and mindfulness to help you embrace your unique body structure and safely access the healing benefits of a functional yoga practice. I welcome anyone who wishes to practise with me. Explore how yoga can work for you, regardless of your age, ability or mobility. …

Restorative Yoga

Practise ‘being’ not ‘doing’. With this nurturing and gentle floor-based style of yoga, access inner stillness, calm and relaxation….

Slow Flow Yoga

Explore fluid movement, partnered with a steady rhythm of breath. Strengthen, lengthen, and find balance in body and mind….

Yin Yoga

Go beyond the muscles, deep into the connective tissue of the body. Access the healing benefits of this practice….

Retreats & Workshops

Workshops and yoga retreats have been postponed until further notice due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures….