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** Workshop postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions **

Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th March 2020, 10:00 – 12:30
How Restorative Yoga Benefits Your Body and Mind 
Munster Music Academy, Killaloe, Ireland – EUR 30

Find out how Restorative Yoga helps to balance the effects of recurring physical patterns that we adopt, mental pressure that we undergo every day, and the resulting emotional impact. This 2.5-hour workshop will delve into the “why” and “how” to deepen your understanding of what happens when you do Restorative Yoga, helping you to gain maximum benefit from the practice.

This workshop will consist of theory and practical application. All mats and equipment are provided. Please come dressed in warm, comfortable clothing.

Maximum of 8 participants.

To book, please email or call (+353) 085 272 6248.


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Thank you for having so much patience and care with me.
— A. Godden, Spine Health Workshop, Portugal, August 2017

I appreciated the care and the way the exercises were explained.
— P. Wilson, Spine Health Workshop, Portugal, August 2017