Private Classes

Yoga is a practice suited to all, regardless of age, ability or flexibility.
If you have any specific conditions or injuries that you are concerned about please get in touch with me.
It won’t be a problem as classes will be designed to accommodate your needs.

Restorative Yoga
This style of yoga is grounding and calming, designed for being, not doing. Mostly floor-based, we combine gentle movement, breath and meditation. This practice is very effective for releasing physical discomfort, and mental and emotional stress.
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Class duration: 60 minutes

Slow Flow
Classes consist of working with your body to find “your way” into standing and seated postures, gently working towards a stronger and more supple body, and a calmer mind. Breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques are incorporated into the practice.
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Class duration: 60 minutes

Yoga Therapy for Fertility
Combining gentle movement, breath, meditation and visualisation, the fertility yoga practice that I offer is gentle and specifically tailored for you and where you are in your fertility journey. Read more.
Class duration: 60 minutes

Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy
For expectant mothers who are beyond their 12th week of pregnancy. These classes provide you with time and space to connect with your body and your baby.
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Class duration: 60 minutes

Breathing, Meditation & Relaxation
A relaxing class that starts with breathing exercises to balance the body’s energy channels, followed by guided meditation and relaxation. The practice of ‘Pranayama’, which means ‘breath control’, is incredibly powerful and creates physical and mental changes that help to balance and restore the body and mind. Meditation and mindfulness help us to come back to ourselves, still the mind chatter and noise, and relieve stress and anxiety by fostering inner calm.
Class duration: 30 minutes 

Areas covered for private lessons

Killaloe and surrounding areas.

EUR 30 per class (EUR 150 for a pack of 6)

I provide all equipment. To book or enquire please click here.

After receiving a diagnosis of arthrosis for my right hip, I asked Claire what I could do to release the tension, lessen the pain, and maybe even heal the hip. She prescribed a sequence of asanas aimed at stretching and opening the hip and told me to do the sequence daily. In fact, it has been so successful that I have been doing it twice daily; the tension and pain are gone, I am able to run, and I play football and innebandy weekly with no negative side effects. Claire has a gift for seeing the needs of a body and a depth of knowledge and understanding for how to address those needs. She also has the innate ability to structure body awareness in an individual, something that nearly all of us are lacking. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone seeking relief from the deleterious effects that a stressful world places on our minds and bodies.
— I. D. Booth, Norway, February 2018

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