Pregnancy Yoga

For expectant mothers who are beyond their 12th week of pregnancy. These classes provide you with a safe, nurturing space to connect with your body and your baby. Pregnancy yoga helps to manage and alleviate common pregnancy complaints such as:

shortness of breath · heartburn · pain in the sides · back pain ·
poor circulation · swollen ankles · restlessness · cramps · anxiety etc.

In addition, a regular pregnancy yoga practice helps to prepare your body and mind for your journey through labour.


The practice consists of a sequence of modified yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that accommodate your growing baby bump, and your physical and emotional changes. Classes help you to feel more energised, balanced in mind and body, and foster inner stillness.

You will be using props to facilitate a comfortable, supportive practice.

Previous knowledge of yoga is not necessary.

I highly recommend Claire’s pregnancy yoga, I really enjoyed and benefited from the classes and attended them until I was 2 days short of 40 weeks. Her style of class helps you relax and workout at the same time, and you leave rejuvenated post the session.
— D. Singh, UK, September 2017

Claria Yoga prenancy yoga

Private classes conducted in the comfort of your home. They provide you with a personalised practice specifically tailored to your needs. Sessions last for 60 minutes (first session – 75 to 90 minutes). To book or enquire, please click here.

Group classes provide a sense of community and nurturing for women to support each other and share their experiences throughout their pregnancy journey. Next group class series TBC.

Before your first class, please print and fill out the following Pregnancy Yoga Questionnaire, and send it to me at

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