Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a category that has many offshoot styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga etc. The word Hatha means moon (Ha) and sun (Tha), and represents the principles of yang and yin, light and dark, hot and cool – balance.

Claria Yoga - Claire Ng-Martin

Hatha consists of practising a sequence of postures that, with a steady rhythm of breath, cultivates strength in the muscles, lengthens and creates space in the joints, and brings balance to the body and mind.

I give my students time and space to explore and respect the fact that every ‘body’ is different. Under my guidance, students are encouraged to challenge themselves but listen, go within, and respect where they are in their journey. My older students benefit from a practice that shows them how lifestyle and ageing affects their body, how they can maintain mobility, and how pain can be alleviated. They learn how to work with their body for more grace, energy, freedom and control.

Claria Yoga - Claire Ng-Martin

In addition to holding postures to focus on correct alignment and help you to find an expression of each pose that suits your particular body structure, I add elements of flow into the sequences to help with coordination and promote circulation. Breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques are incorporated into the practice. A guided meditation is conducted at the end of the class.

My style combines Hatha Flow and principles of Restorative yoga to offer a balanced practice that is energetic, fluid, supportive and nurturing. Whether you are practising yoga for physical health, to achieve a calmer state of mind, or connect with a deeper part of your being, the practice will accommodate you.

I really enjoy Claire’s classes. I like that each class is different, and I continue to explore new positions/sequences and discover new muscles and stretches every time. Weekly classes help me with my back discomfort caused by my desk job, and also give me general body strength. I also noticed that my posture is becoming better and my mind feels calmer too. Claire has been really encouraging and also correcting where necessary, so that I learn to do the postures in the right way but also helpful in finding ways that work with my body. Very happy I found her class.
— K. Dziekan, UK, July 2017


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Private classes are conducted in the comfort of your home. They provide you with a personalised practice specifically tailored to your needs. Sessions last for 75 minutes (first session – 90 minutes). To book or enquire, please click here.