Therapeutic practices that will help to nourish and re-energise your body, alleviate physical tension and discomfort, and calm your mind

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, yoga classes are currently taking place online only. The timetable for 6 – 30 April 2020 is outlined below. A 4-weekly subscription of EUR 40 gives you access to 9 classes per week, so you can pick and choose what suits you at home.


Restorative Yoga

Equipment needed: a yoga mat or blanket, extra blankets, cushions or pillows, blocks or thick books

A calming and nurturing practice to help you:

  • Relieve tense muscles, aching joints and general physical discomfort
  • Reduce anxiety and quieten a busy mind
  • Achieve deep relaxation
    Regain a sense of overall well-being
  • Open to all

Claria Yoga

Slow Flow

Equipment needed: a yoga mat, a couple of blankets, a bolster, cushions or pillows, blocks or thick books

A gentle, therapeutic and nourishing practice:

  • Explore your body’s ability to move
  • Re-align your posture
  • Release physical and mental tension
  • Leave feeling re-energised and refreshed
  • Open to all

Yoga for children and teenagers - Claria Yoga

Movement & Mindfulness for Children
Aged 8+ years

** Classes will resume once the Munster Music Academy re-opens. **

Gentle classes where we explore movement, mindfulness and breath work, expanding our awareness of the space within and around us. This class aims to improve posture, confidence, mental focus, and encourage inner calm.

To book, please contact me.

Please note:

Classes at the Munster Music Adademy are kept small to ensure each person gets sufficient attention.
All equipment and mats are provided.
If you have any injuries, please let me know.
Payment for the course is taken at the first class.
If you have to miss a class, I will provide you with dates of all the other yoga classes that I’m running so that you have the opportunity to make up the class if the times suit.
Your telephone number and email address are kept solely for my own communication with you. Your details are kept safely and are not shared with any third parties.

Private Classes

One-to-one classes provided online via Skype or Zoom

EUR 30 per class or EUR 150 for a pack of 6

Yoga is a practice suited to all, regardless of age, ability or flexibility.
If you have any specific conditions or injuries that you are concerned about, please get in touch with me.
It won’t be a problem as classes will be designed to accommodate your needs.

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