This practice is the ultimate opportunity to dive deeper, to sense and learn about your body, discover its natural movement, and how to shift what's stuck - both physically and mentally.

Partnering the physical aspects of the practice with mindfulness and pranayama (breath-work), cultivates a deeper connection and experience, and can help to alleviate mental and emotional stress.

Sequences are floor-based and consist of holding stretches for a period of time, targeting the joints, ligaments, bones and fascia. Props may be used to accommodate different body types and levels of intensity in the practice. It is a very effective method of releasing physical tension, promoting better circulation and improving mobility.

I give you time and space to explore and respect the fact that every ‘body’ is different. Under my guidance, you are encouraged to work to your boundaries, listen, go within, and approach your practice from a place of intuition, feeling your way into movement, rather than thinking it.

Go beyond the muscles, deep into the connective tissue of the body. Access the healing benefits of this practice.

"By experimenting with different ways of moving you can find out what works for your unique body structure. This will enable you to develop a healthier relationship with your body and ultimately yourself."

Yin Yoga -
release, nourish, tune in