My Slow Flow practice evolved from Hatha Yoga, which is a category that has many offshoot styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga etc. At the heart of Hatha (“Ha” = moon / “Tha” = sun) is balance, bringing all parts of the physical, mental and emotional into harmony.

This practice encourages you to explore and find your way with your body. Using yoga postures and knitting them together, you will cultivate strength in the muscles, length and space in the joints, and bring balance to your whole being. Most importantly, you will do this in a way that suits your body's natural lines and movement.

I give you time and space to explore and respect the fact that every ‘body’ is different. Under my guidance, you are encouraged to work to your boundaries, listen, go within, and approach your practice from a place of intuition, feeling your way into movement, rather than thinking it.

By exploring how your body wants to move and being guided by that in-built wisdom, you will discover a new level of mobility and enjoy a sense of freedom in your body. 

Breathing, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation are woven into the practice.

* Yang/Yin:
I offer various themes in my flow classes. Currently in 2022, I'm teaching Yang/Yin Flow. The class starts with very slow, gentle flow, giving you time to get into your body and move a little more intuitively. We finish with yin yoga for deeper stretching to release the connective tissue.

Explore fluid free form movement, partnered with a steady rhythm of breath. Strengthen, lengthen, and find balance in body and mind.

"Whether you are practising yoga for physical health, to achieve a calmer state of mind, or connect with a deeper part of your being, my practice will accommodate you."

Slow Flow -
free your body