"Body and mind affect one another. Bringing both into balance promotes overall well-being."

With the aim of achieving deep release and inner stillness, Restorative Yoga can help with mental tension, chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, grief and depression. The practice also brings balance to the mind and emotions.

Physically, the practice can alleviate recurring ailments such as headaches, colds, hay fever, respiratory problems, back pain, muscle tension and spasms, and discomfort resulting from previous injuries. It is popular among sports enthusiasts such as runners, cyclists, power lifters etc, and people with reduced mobility.

Moving through calm floor sequences, postures are held for longer. Props are used for complete comfort and support, fostering deep release and relaxation. I also incorporate meditation and visualisation techniques to reach a state of calm and peace. It is a very effective practice to release physical discomfort, and mental and emotional stress.

I give you time and space to explore and respect the fact that every ‘body’ is different. Under my guidance, you are encouraged to work to your boundaries, listen, go within, and approach your practice from a place of intuition, feeling your way into movement, rather than thinking it.

This is a nurturing and gentle floor-based style of yoga, helping you to access inner stillness, calm and relaxation.

Restorative Yoga -
practise 'being' not 'doing'