re-energise your body, alleviate physical tension and discomfort, and calm your mind

Functional practices to nourish you

Information about in-person classes resuming will be announced via newsletter as soon as I have official confirmation - sign up for updates here

In-person classes


6 September to 14 October (** no classes week of 27 September)
18 October to 18 November
22 November to 23 December


mindfulness & movement - MMA





Class Styles 



1. Access to your chosen number of classes per week
2. Weekly yoga and wellness information shared with you via email to help you learn more about your body and how to stay supple and healthy
3. Bonus 45-minute chat and Q&A session with me and other members of our online yoga community - this will take place in Week 3

Practise with me in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

With a choice of different class passes giving you 6 weekly class options, you can pick and choose what suits you.

What do you get with an online class pass?


Online Class Schedule

Open to all

A gentle, calming and nurturing practice to help you:

Relieve tense muscles, aching joints and general physical discomfort
Reduce anxiety and quieten a busy mind
Achieve deep relaxation
Regain a sense of overall well-being

Equipment needed: a yoga mat or blanket, extra blankets, cushions or pillows, blocks or thick books

Restorative Yoga

Open to all

A practice focusing on the benefits of healthy stretching, balancing both the body and mind:

Improve your circulation
Stimulate your tissues and joints, helping towards better mobility
Encourage blockages and tension out of your body, and improve your energy flow
Experience deep release, and balance your mind

Equipment needed: a yoga mat or blanket, extra blankets, cushions or pillows, blocks or thick books

Yin Yoga

Open to all

A balancing and nourishing practice:

Explore your body’s ability to move
Re-align your posture and strengthen your body
Release physical and mental tension
Leave feeling re-energised and refreshed

Equipment needed: a yoga mat, a couple of blankets, a bolster, cushions or pillows, blocks or thick books

Slow Flow

Come and ask me whatever questions you have about how you are feeling with your practice, how your body is reacting, how your mind is behaving or anything you would like to talk to me about.

This is a group forum and an opportunity for you to share in other people's experience of the practice. In these times where we're missing out on the communal aspect of face-to-face practising, let's recreate it online!

Equipment needed: your favourite cup of tea, coffee, chai, juice, and your laptop or phone. Pet optional!

Yoga Hangouts with Claire


One-to-one or for small groups - I guide you through movement, mindfulness or a mixture of both, to develop a practice that refreshes, calms and works towards your personal goals.

On Skype or Zoom, or at my house in Tountinna.

EUR 30 - individual
EUR 40 - 2 people
EUR 50 - up to 4 

If government guidelines permit, and you would prefer I come to you in the Ballina/Killaloe area, please add EUR 10.

Personalised practices tailored specifically to your needs

Private Classes

The Academy invites you to take this opportunity to tune in every month, to ground and centre with some calming breath and movement techniques, which you can use and turn to anytime and anywhere.

For more information about this class, please visit the class page on the Munster Music Academy website here

For Munster Music Academy students, parents and teachers – FREE classes 

Mindfulness & Movement

...and a little patience :)
We are relying on technology that can sometimes have a mind of its own and decide to throw in a little glitch or two!

If I freeze at times due to my connection having a slow moment, please don't worry as it will only last a couple of seconds.

If you experience difficulties with your own connection and need to log out and log back in again, feel free - you are not disturbing me or any of your fellow yogis. Take a breath and rejoin whenever you can during the class!

Access links
When you sign up, I will confirm your chosen days with you depending on your class pass. Each week, you will receive an email containing the links and passwords for accessing your classes for the 5-week series.

If you don't have yoga equipment, don't worry! There's plenty around your home that you can use. Watch my short video here showing you how to fashion your own yoga equipment.

When you log into your class, you and all other participants will automatically have your microphone set to MUTE - this is so that Zoom only picks up the sound from my microphone and therefore minimises any other sounds that could disturb the space.

I provide detailed cues throughout the practice, so you are very welcome to practise with your camera off if you prefer, for your own privacy and comfort. If you would like me to see you as you practise, so that I can provide any extra verbal adjustments that I feel might be helpful to you, please keep your camera on.

So that I can keep the space calm for everyone, I don't take questions during class. However, I offer an open chat with me on the 3rd Friday of each series at 10:30 AM - and if that time doesn't suit, you can always get in touch with me over email or call me (my number is at the bottom of the emails you receive from me).

All you need is your laptop or phone, the equipment for your class, and space to switch off and be...

How do online group classes work?

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