Connecting with and honouring the Autumn shift

Claria Yoga - embracing autumn

Tuning into the season

This is my 3rd Autumn in Ireland. I’m fortunate to live in a completely rural setting where I’m surrounded by the seasonal change taking place in the wilderness around the cottage. Up here in Tountinna, the rolling hills turn from their summer greens to coppery goldens, browns and reds as the heather and ferns change and the bushes burst with purple and red berries.

Up here on our little project, we’re still picking the abundance of the Autumn harvest bursting out of the polytunnel and outdoor beds. Aubergines, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, peas, potatoes and herbs abound. The sunflowers are offering their plump seed-filled faces to the birds and our hens, and I’m still picking the last of the colourful flowers that are waving their remaining vibrant petals at us, which are already tinged with gold.

The Autumn season shows a slowing down in nature as leaves turn golden, certain trees and animals prepare for hibernation, a crispness in the air returns, and everything begins to shift inwards.

Mindfulness and acceptance…

This change in energy and slowing down is an opportunity to embrace a calmer rhythm, pause and use the time to give thanks for the abundance, love and peace we experience in our lives, and to adjust and draw our energy in gradually as we move through this new season.

If you’re particularly sensitive to the effects of the moon as I am, you may have had a few sleepless nights around the time of the full moon. Though temporary and lasting only a few days, that in itself is an adjustment as you find you’re spending a portion of the night awake. The invitation is there to take these mid-night moments with a little more acceptance and participation and spend a few waking minutes observing the silvery sky, moon and clouds, and the gentle glow of the landscape below.

Particularly around this time as we embrace the Autumnal shift, we have the harvest moon and its powerful effects. A good idea is to get out and practise a few minutes of mindfulness under the light of the moon, feel the moon’s power wash over you and allow the changing energies to cleanse and clear you.

Holding on too tightly and grasping at this time, whether it be your routine, particular situations, all that you’re used to or what you would like to remain unchanged, can lead to feeling drained and even overwhelmed. By being kinder to ourselves and leaving room to adjust, we create space for a little more inner stillness and peace.

As we move into this new season, may this shift bring you renewed energy, hope and peace.

With love,

Author: Claire Martin

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