Give yourself permission…

Give yourself permission to let go - Claria Yoga

The mind…

The mind can make us believe in things that are not really there, worry about situations that aren’t real, relive events that have been and gone, or live through hypothetical situations that don’t exist. Add to that the day-to-day responsibilities and constant stream of inner chatter that surrounds them, and we move into a never-ending tightening spiral of anxiety, worry and heightened emotions. 

Being firm with your mind

Mindfulness, movement and breathing practices such as those that we’ve explored over the last few months, can help to re-centre and draw awareness out of the head and towards the body in order to ground and be present. We can take refuge in trips away to distance ourselves from the daily grind, or enjoy breaks in the day for a short walk or to paint, read a book or have a cup of tea. But do you find that your mind is still taking over? 

Unless we take a stand against it, the mind still goes with us wherever we go. We’ve become so accustomed to allowing this mental behaviour that we’ve forgotten that we still have control. We can tell the mind “STOP! Enough. This is my time.” It takes strength and courage to allow ourselves to do that because at times we get completely sucked into what is going on in our heads. Ultimately, we have to give ourselves permission to let go – to take a break – to pause the incessant inner narrative

Giving yourself permission

It starts with that first spark of awareness, that recognition, that presence to allow ourselves a moment’s pause, a breath, a walk, whatever works for you, and to embrace that moment completely. Despite what we feel about there never being enough time, there are enough hours in the day for you and for everything else. You have a choice, and you are in control.

Once you commit to a practice of self-care, replenishing your energy levels and taking a stand against your mind, you will begin to find that you have more time, you have more space, because you’re dealing with your days and tasks from a much more centred and focused place. You rise less to the stories of your mind and their associated emotions because you keep the mind in check. This does not mean that you suppress feelings. It just means that you remain present. 

Give it a go. It’s not easy but try to commit to five minutes each day, to stop, to reset, to say “enough” to your mind. And behind that intention, truly give yourself permission to let go… A few moments is all it takes…

Author: Claire Martin

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