Is there such a thing as the right yoga teacher?

What is the right yoga teacher? Claria Yoga

Only the right yoga teacher for you

It is a question that has come to me before – how to know you’ve made the right choice for your next class. Do you choose it because of the style of yoga, or because of the teacher? What if you don’t know the teacher?

The teacher, the person

As the channel of the practice, the teacher will bring their personal touch to the offering. Much like you do when drawn to a particular person, you will resonate with different aspects of who your teacher is – humble, serious, fun, disciplined, light, encouraging, quiet, chatty, enthusiastic, grounded, knowledgeable, intuitive, confident, more physical, more spiritual, etc.

A personal choice

Choosing a teacher is very personal, similar to choosing a style of yoga. Any offering of yoga, when shared with authenticity, will have come from the same underlying commitment to self-development, kindness, respect, love, connection, inner wisdom, self-awareness, and light.

But don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that a particular teacher isn’t right for you. Once, I chose not to continue with a teacher due to how strict she was. It wasn’t wrong by any means. It just wasn’t right for me. After three years with another teacher, I felt I needed to move on. I left with gratitude for all I had learned and experienced with him. There was no specific reason. It was just time. Sometimes something as simple as not liking your teacher’s voice may be enough to bring you difficulty in class. Don’t worry about it. You’re human!

Give it a go!

Give it a little while, take a class or two or three, and follow your intuition. As teachers, it’s an honour to share our practice with you, and to be trusted with your body, mind, and heart. We understand it’s an important decision. And – one that is fluid… 🙂

Author: Claire Martin

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