My self-care regimen

Essential oils
With the best will in the world, we can still find it hard to focus on ourselves enough when we’re riding the rollercoaster of life’s challenges and responsibilities.

Even as a yoga teacher, and working in a health and wellbeing organisation, both things that I love doing, they are still work. They still involve running from one place to another, doing accounts, meeting deadlines, coming up with new material, organising events and classes…

So I thought I would share with you what I do to keep myself in check and give myself a few moments each day to restore:

Claire Ng-Martin - Claria Yoga

a) Attend yoga classes, so that I am the student, not the teacher – in addition to hatha and vinyasa, these include yin yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra to ensure I get plenty of time to release my accumulated stress, and relax.

b) Meditate. I take a few minutes to be in the here and now, to let go of the rush of the world, the noise of the mind, and be mindful and present. I aim for twenty minutes but it can be as little as five.

Let go of the rush of the world, the noise of the mind, and be mindful and present.

c) Pre-cook/prepare my meals. If you’re anything like me, you may find that you forget to eat. With my fridge and freezer stocked with a few ready-made meals that I’ve packed full of nutritious food, I can grab and run where needed, knowing that my nutrition remains healthy and balanced.

d) Incorporate essential oils into my daily routine – this could involve adding drops to a bath, using a few drops on tired parts of my body, or falling asleep to my favourite scent by putting some drops on my pillowcase.

Claria Yoga - sunset

Connect with the planet’s energy.

e) Connect with nature. Without nature, I feel lost. It can be enough to find a park that you feel happy walking in, getting out by the sea if you have access to it, mountains, forests – wherever you can. Kicking off your shoes and sinking your feet into sand, surf or grass, or taking a few deep breaths, will connect you with the planet’s energy. I also enjoy hugging a tree or two 🙂

Five steps. It needn’t be a long list. What can you do for yourself during the day? …

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