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Claria Yoga_Natural Remedies for Colds

Boosting the Immune System…

No matter how miserable a cold makes me feel, my body responds better to natural remedies. I bounce back with much more energy, glowing skin, and completely free of sinus pressure and congestion. Although pharmaceutical cold remedies can relieve symptoms, they don’t boost the body’s immune system like natural remedies do, and the body needs a strong immune system to fight a cold.

Natural Remedies

The following are the remedies I use:

Vitamin C: strengthens the immune system to fight the cold virus. Taken at the first signs of a cold, it helps make it less severe and last less time.

Echinacea: reduces the duration of a cold; makes the cold less severe; boosts the immune system.

Lemon juice: a powerful antioxidant, lemon juice is also full of Vitamin C. It decreases the strength of the cold virus. Mix into hot water and sweeten with honey.

Organic honey and cinnamon: both ingredients contain antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition, cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammation of the membranes in the lining of the nose.

Ginger: contains antiseptic properties; suppresses cough; helps you sweat out the toxins in your body. I’ll grate it into any food I’m eating, or into hot water for a bit of zing.

Olbas oil: put one or two drops of olbas oil in a bowl of very hot water. Put your face over the bowl, a towel over your head and inhale the steam. Repeat two or three times during the day. This is a very effective decongestant and works wonders in relieving sinus pressure.

Soothing and immune-boosting drinks:
Honey, lemon juice, ginger
Honey, lemon juice, cinnamon

Lemons, a good remedy for colds

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