Being thankful

Being present

I want more…

Do you find that in today’s fast-paced life, you spend more time focusing on what you don’t have, and less time on what you do have? Now more than ever, day-to-day responsibilities, competition at work, constant demands on our time, and consumerism overpower us at every turn. They can suck us in and create feelings of always wanting more – more money, more success, more stuff, more… We tend to forget to be thankful for what we actually have.

If 2016 was particularly challenging for you and brings up feelings of negativity, can you view what happened in a different way? Is it possible that your experience has helped you to re-adjust your perspective? Has it released you from a situation that you might not have had the courage to escape from of your own free will? Has it presented you with a new freedom? Do you now have an unexpected but fresh opportunity ahead of you? Has it revealed something about yourself?


Appreciate what you have

If you stop for a moment, close your eyes and embrace a little stillness, what could you be thankful for? Your health? Your best friend? A family member? Your home? The ocean that you walk past every day? The stars that you see at night? A song that brings a smile to your face?

Look back on 2016 and appreciate what it’s done for you. In the midst of the sadness, responsibilities, hardships, or perceived failures, if you look hard enough, you will most likely find that something has worked out for you. Look now and take a moment to appreciate what you have, whether it be related to health, people, or a situation. Look forward to 2017 and embrace a new year and new opportunities. And every day in the New Year, could you choose to appreciate what you have a little more…?

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